Happy Songs

Our celebration for the end of the semester. F...Ng YEAH!


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+ Episodios

  • Earthly - 18/12/09
    Are we Earth's caretakers or intruders? A couple of songs in this episode question this, can you recognize them? We also selected some music related to different elements from our natural habitat: ...
  • Sunday - 29/11/09
    Studying or working on Sunday? Here's some background music you could use, from trip-hop, to pop to rock-gospel, enjoy!
  • Move on the Dancefloor! - 25/09/09
    Music to dance and move around! It's not banda music, but you could still try to dance! ;) Listen to M.I.A, Jamiroquai, Simian Mobile ft, Supreme Beings of Leisure...
  • 9_chill - 08/07/09
    Finally the semester's over! Enjoy this music as you chill-out and start your vacations!
  • boYs 2 BOyS - 25/05/09
    On the other hand, we have male singers and bands to share their feelings and points of view.
  • 7_GIRLS2GIRLS - 20/05/09
    Female singers and bands to celebrate women's day! ... long overdue!
  • InFiniTe ImaGinAtiOn Priest - 17/05/09
    What kind of music does a musician, artist and computer programmer listen to?
  • Valentine's Day! - 14/02/09
    We're celebrating Valentine's Day and starting a new season of podcasts! We have songs for those who love someone and whoever doesn't! Plus, we've included some idioms, can you spot them? Give it a...
  • Happy Songs - 05/12/08
    Our celebration for the end of the semester. F...Ng YEAH!
  • Covers and a Halloween Song! - 03/11/08
    What version do you like best? Maybe if you don't like the original version, you could give it a second chance with a whole new sound!
  • Guilty Pleasures - 25/10/08
    What's your musical guilty pleasure? What are the songs you listen to but make you feel embarrassed? C' mon, it's time to face the truth, dare!
  • Music From My Favorite Films - 11/10/08
    Favorite films, favorite music! Don't you just love it when someone has already chosen the best music and put it in a soundtrack?!